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There are so many ways in which you can volunteer! 

Here are just a few examples:

  • volunteer at public fundraisers - setting up, tearing down, running tables at the events

  • baking for public fundraisers

  • sewing or knitting crafts, etc., for public fundraisers and for ANY time - we can sell them on facebook

  • donating used or new items for our facebook auctions - we have a couple per month

  • help with transportation - picking up rescues for us and taking them to our homes or to foster homes,
    and also transportation for vet visits, picking up supplies for us

  • designing posters for our events

  • raising monies for the rescue through fundraising efforts of your own

  • fostering kittens and/or adult cats

  • distribution of donation cans in stores - collection of same

  • fundraising IDEAS - we are always looking for new ways to fundraise!