Are you ready to adopt?

Before you are ready to take a H.A.R.T cat or kitten into your home, ensure you have done the following:

1. E-mail us at to inquire about the process.

2. Fill out an application form

3. Become pre-approved for adoption

4. Pick out which cat or kitten would suit your lifestyle best.

5. Meet the cat/kitten if needed.

6. Pick up a carrier and specific food indicated by Laurie.

7. Pay your adoption fee.

8. Take home your new family member!

Preference will be given to people who want to adopt kittens in pairs or more if they work full-time. Cats will not leave their foster homes without a carrier.

Available Cats

We post all of our available cats and kittens on our Facebook group! By joining, you can also always stay up to date with our current fundraisers and rescue efforts!