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Homeless Animal Rescue Team  was incorporated in February 2008.  We are a registered, not for profit organization. At this time we only rescue cats and kittens needing our help.  

Our mission is to help as many unwanted, homeless, abandoned, feral, orphaned felines as we can. 


Our specialty is helping seniors and orphaned babies. H.A.R.T is based out of two main locations: Aylesford and Dartmouth. This organization is run by two driven women who have put their hearts and souls into rescuing. 

We have a wonderful Board of Directors that work with us as well.  

We have rescued over 2,500 felines over the past 14 years. Our love and compassion for cats brought us together and we have formed a wonderful friendship and a sound partnership with our organization.  

H.A.R.T is funded solely by

public donations and fundraisers. 


We work hard to fundraise monies to pay for the never ending veterinarian bills

and food, litter, and many other supplies.  We work with two wonderful vet clinics. 

Port Royal Animal Hospital is in Annapolis Royal and Dr. Jody Cunningham

is our vet at that clinic.  The other clinic is in Dartmouth at Weste Animal Hospital,

and Dr. Goodman is the vet at that clinic that works with us.  


This website will showcase our adoptables

as well as our "lifers", as we like to refer to them.  H.A.R.T is not just a rescue, we are also a sanctuary where many a cat has found their forever home.  Not all cats that find us are adoptable for various reasons.  As long as they can live happy lives and relatively healthy ones with kindness and medication, they are NOT euthanized.  We always manage to squeeze them in!  

Our space is limited between the two homes so we do sometimes seek foster homes at busy times.  If you feel you have what it takes to foster please contact us at valleyhart@hotmail.com 

and we can forward a foster application to you.  


Our Aylesford location has 2 incubators in-house for saving many orphaned lives.

Our President, Laurie, has many years of expertise working with the little orphans.  If you happen to come across infant kittens and it would appear here is no mother around please contact us at valleyhart@hotmail.com


Currently we do all of our fundraising via Facebook.  Most of our fundraisers are online auctions.  They are a great money maker for us and VERY POPULAR with people.  We are always looking for donated items for our auctions.  Email or give us a call if you think you can help in this regard, 902-321-0159; valleyhart@hotmail.com


We Love to Fundraise.

Throughout the year we fundraise as much as we can.  Please click on our EVENTS button to find out what current events are going on.  Following us on Facebook is a great way to keep up to date on EVERYTHING Hart-related!

Our adoption fees are $200.00  We often reduce the adoption fees on older cats.  The best place to view our most up-to-date available kitties is in our Facebook group! Click the link below to join!

Interested in Adopting?

All of our rescues are seen by one of our two veterinarians.

They are combo tested for FELV/FV (feline AIDS and feline leukemia), fully vaccinated, dewormed (from ALL worms), fecal tested, spayed/neutered.  If dentistry is required that is also looked after.  We do not adopt our rescues out with any medical issues left not looked after.  

If an adoption occurs shortly after the rescues are vaccinated, etc., it is your responsibility to get the proper booster shots done on the dates given to you.  Proof of this will be required.  Sometimes a home visit is required in order for us to complete the adoption. 

Thanks for stopping in and we hope you enjoy your visit!


Laurie Wheeler